Best Things to do in Perth at Night with Kids

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Perth is a spectacular city for families and tourists alike, but what happens when the sun goes down – what can you do with the family?  We all have busy lives these days. Trying to balance work and lifestyle can be tricky.  The working world no longer stops at 5pm. Families are having to get smart about how and when to spend time together.  

What does this mean? What can you do in Perth at night? What evening activities for families are around to try out!  Why not try nocturnal activities? There is PLENTY of fun to be had later in the day. Why not find time with your kids to enjoy the activities that Perth can offer when the sun goes down.

If you find yourself in Perth visiting places, the public transport is a great way to get around the city and explore. The fun of catching a train or bus will just add to the adventure you are about to have (and takes the stress out of driving around).  As the online world becomes ever popular, families are having to become smarter about the time in which they spend together. 

Looking for things to do in Perth this weekend? Look no further – we have organised an adventure list for you of things to do at night in the city. Some of the best things for visitors to do in Perth at night with kids is listed below. Grab the family. Gear up for some fun in the dark. No matter the age and no matter the preferred activity – there is sure to be something on this list that will be worth a go!!

10 Best things to do in Perth at night with toddlers

Fret none! Even if you have toddlers in tow, we still have a bunch of family friendly things to do in Perth at night that will keep them happy!

Latitude – now Bounce


For some indoor activities, this well thought out location caters for children under 5 with their own ‘mini’ version of everything the older members will also enjoy in a separate zone with mini-trampolines, indoor play area and mini rock climbing wall – this place is a great find! Open daily until 6pm.

Address: 35/57 Joondalup Drive, Edgewater

Check out the website here

Mighty Jungle

This indoor play area is fabulous for the younger children with ride on toys and playground equipment together with café onsite.  Opened until 5pm on weekends – so an early evening visit is a must!

For some Might Jungle info – click here

Local taverns for dinner

Top things to do at night in Perth with kids includes a trip to the local tavern.  A lot have little play areas designed for toddlers and older children so they can have fun and let off a little steam.  Menus will also cater to younger kids with their very own children’s options. Often there is a combination which includes drinks and dessert.  Designated rooms or play areas are a great way to combine your family meal with a bit of fun and they are literally everywhere.  Look up your local tavern, wherever you may be, and see what fun activities are available for your youngsters!

Our friends at Get Out with Kids have a list of kid friendly restaurants in Perth here.

Ice Cream

One of the best things to do at night in Perth with kids, particularly during the summer is a trip to the local ice cream parlour.  While on your travels, why not stop into one of the many ice cream parlours/shops in Perth.  Kuld Creamery is a favourite with new flavours released monthly for you to try so this never gets old!  Your toddler will absolutely love trying out some of these. There are two locations to choose from.

Address: Fremantle and Highgate locations – check website for more info

Choose your flavours here

Ride the train!

Why not see Perth at night! For some of the best views of Perth at night take the public transport and take your toddler on a little journey of adventure and ride the train around town!  You can even coincide this little adventure with one of the options here as a way to get to and fro, just to add to the excitement!

Various locations

Timetable info located here

Picnic in the park

Why not see Perth by night – A popular thing to do in Perth at night is a visit to one of the many many parks situated in and around the inner city and the suburbs – you are literally spoilt for choice! This is a wonderful idea and one of the many free things to do in Perth at night. Both Bold Park and Kings Park are a great place to start.  With many plants and flowers to look at and wildlife to spot together with great picnic areas, you can perhaps come up with a little map of treasures to find on your walk around the parks to entertain your little people and then finish with a picnic. 

Outdoor activities don’t come much better than a little park time. Why not grab the picnic basket or grab a few items on your way to the park and enjoy watching the sun go down, playing in the park, throwing a ball around – the options are endless. A great way to enjoy the evening in one of the best places to see the sunset in Perth. 

Fairy Garden Park, Jandakot

Who doesn’t believe that a visit to the fairies is a great move with your toddler.   Situated in Cockburn, within the southern suburb of Jandakot, this delightful fairy park really captures the magic of the fairyworld.  Your toddler will love exploring this area of imagination.

Address: Fairway Park, Jandakot

Find the Fairy Doors – trail at Kalamunda

While on the topic of fairies, there is a magical fairy trail to walk and explore in Kalamunda. There is even a map to help locate them (the downloadable version is below) but can be picked up from the local visitor centre.  What a magical way to end your day.

Find your fairy map here

Visit to Hillary’s Boat Harbour

Popular things to do in Perth at night includes a little trip out of the CBD to the Harbour. Located within half an hour’s drive of Perth CBD, this delightful tourist destination is a great way to wind up your day with the family. The boardwalk is mostly undercover so adds a little more protection for the kids.

There are plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes so you can coincide your dinner plans on your visit and watch the sun go down (and the kids will enjoy watching the boats and other water activities going on around them).

Botany Park, 71 Macquarie Bld, Hammond Park

Situated a short distance from Perth CBD, this fabulous park has everything the toddler could need: water play, things to climb, structures to slide down AND a mini traffic track – bring the scooter and let them pretend they are driving around.  Barbecue areas are dotted around so you can grab a few bits and pieces enroute and have a barbecue dinner!

10 Best things to do in Perth at night with young kids 5-12

If you are looking for family activities in Perth at night with kids that are slightly older than toddlers, check out our list of great ideas for 5 – 12 year olds!


Ifly is great for teenagers

Night activities around Perth include this unique activity. A visit to iFLY would be a wonderful adventure for the family!  If you have kids that enjoy a challenge this will definitely be up their street.  This allows you to experience a skydive without the need for a plane ride!  Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Address: 143 Great Eastern Highway, Rivervale

Check out the website



From trampolines, to basketball to obstacle courses, this place has everything a bouncy child could need!  There is a designated soft play area for children under 10 years, to add that little bit of extra safety from those over enthusiastic teenagers!  Why not let them loose and enjoy the bouncy fun that this place has to offer!.

Address: 1371 Albany Highway, Cannington

Trampolining details can be located here

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

This is an early evening activity –  there is always a lot going on at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and something for all ages to enjoy.  From exhibits to events and event storytelling activities during the school holidays where kids can learn illustration, collage and character building with the use of storyboards. 

Address: 51 James Street, Northbridge

Arts information of exhibits and times can be found here

Strike Bowling


Fun night activities in Perth don’t come much better than a little bowling! There are a number of various bowling activities in and around Perth, we have selected this one as it has a number of other activities to try including an Escape room but it will also sit well with a range of ages and a cocktail bar for the adults!. 

Address: 401 Wellington Street, Perth

Book your time/date and location here

Perth Ice Arena

Some fun things to do in Perth at night if you have budding ice dancers, or ice hockey players or just wanting to try something a little different – why not give this place a try.  You can hire the skates at a small cost and there is even a café on site to warm you up with a hot chocolate once finished!

Address: 708 Marshall Road, Malaga

Check out the information here

Laser Tag (Laser Blaze)

When looking for family things to do in Perth at night – why not challenge them to a game of laser tag! With obstacles to hide behind, brightly lit and laser lighting going on all around you, state of the art equipment, your kids are sure to be impressed.  Think up your own identity name and avatar, watch the leaderboard to see where you rank and have fun – wonderful activity for kids.

Address: Various – please check website for details and opening hours.

For more details please click here


There are any number of cinemas in and around the Perth area and these are great, particularly in school holidays when there is always a number of film options for children.  Grab the popcorn and get the group together for a movie extravaganza!

Address: Various locations

View your options here

Galaxy Drive-in Cinema

Perth’s only drive-in cinema is a very unique experience from a bygone age.  Grab a blanket (or the air con) and select your movie of choice.  Snuggle up in the car and catch up with a movie.  Particularly great when looking for things to do on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night when you can get there a little earlier and watch the sun go down.

Address: 157-167 Goolelal Drive, Kingsley

Details of showings can be found here

Sporting event

Some iconic places to visit in Perth at night would be a sporting venue. Australia is home to some fabulous sports and prides itself very much on family friendly venues.  Perth is no different.  With the Optus Stadium, the third largest stadium in Australia, there are any number of sporting greats to watch.  From cricket (T20 is a great family friendly game to get involved in), rugby and Aussie rules, why not treat the family to a fun night out.

Find out more here.

Glowing Rooms

Glowing Rooms - Perth

Just five minutes south of Fremantle, with loads of free onsite parking, Glowing Rooms is designed to provide you with an unrivalled school holiday experience. Play through a Mini Golf course like no other, surrounded by intense colours, all in air-conditioned comfort. Whatever the weather, whatever your skill level, glow in the dark 3D Mini Golf is the perfect leisure activity for all ages.

As you travel through the course, explore space and the far-flung corners of the universe. Journey under the waves to a world inhabited by sea creatures. Wander past some of Australia’s most iconic landmarks and get up close and personal with some of your favourite superheroes!

They also have VR Escape Rooms – school holiday fun!

Visit their website here.

10 Best things to do in Perth at night with teenagers

Teenagers can be tricky. You never know what is going to float their boat and impress them. We have done our best with these ideas for things to do in Perth at night for teenagers. We think a few will definitely be winners! (We have a huge article dedicated to things to do in Perth with teenagers if these ideas don’t work!)


Well a little axe-throwing activities will certain notch up the adrenaline for your teenager!  This is a great way to get your teenager out of the online world and into a very different environment!  Yes, it sounds dangerous, and a little unusual, but that is the attraction.  The staff and venue ensure the activities are safe for all, so why not give this a go!

Address: 63A North Street, Northbridge

More Maniax fun can be found here

Adrenaline Vault

A fabulous activity with friends who love a little gym activity would be a visit to Adrenaline Vault.  This has boulder climbing, rock climbing, and gym area for them to brush up on those skills!

Address: 72 Robinson Avenue, Belmont

More information can be found here

VR Arrival

A great activity for teenagers that love the cyber world will adore this activity. With a number of options to choose from including rockets (Apollo 11), whale encounters or shoot-outs, this is a wonderful activity.  Recommended for 11 years and up age group, they will be immersed in different scenarios in their virtual reality world.  There are 120 VR games and experiences to choose from including multi-player so the whole family can get involved!.

Address: 295 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

Find out more here

X Golf

Golf has become a very popular activity over the years and there have been numerous variations on the theme popping up and this is one of those.  An indoor location and a golf simulator which gives you the opportunity to enhance your skills or try something new without the need to walk too far!

Address: U1/2 Ledgar Road, Balcatta

Check out the website here

Zero Latency

Well if you can’t get them off of their electronic devices, why not interact with them at this world of Virtual Reality. Together with pinball and arcade area to use as something a little different when all cybered out, your teenager will be entertained and engaged for hours.  There are eight different games to choose from in this virtual reality domain and can strike up an interaction with new friends or bring their existing ones to hang out with!

Address: 248 Newcastle Street, Perth

For info on experiences available, please click here

Fremantle Prison

Perth – things to do at night, ummmm? Well you can always threaten them with jail-time!!  With so much history and varying tours available to the public, this is a unique way to spend time with your teenager/family.  There are even tours of the tunnels surrounding the location.  Various tours are available to help with the history of the place and the stories and tales surrounding some of the inhabitants and way of life – definitely worth a visit.

Address: 1 The Terrace, Fremantle

More info can be found here

The Kart Centre

Have some car enthusiasts who just love the idea of driving but not yet have their licence?  This is the place for them!  A go-karting destination where they can compete with others and enjoy themselves behind the wheel and speeds up to 50 kph.

Address: 27 Baile Road, Canning Vale

For karting details click here

Escape Rooms

These are an extremely entertaining way to spend time with friends and family alike.  There are a number of escape rooms to choose, from the mysterious to the more horror-related challenges – can you escape in time?!

Address: 48 Lake Street, Northbridge

Find out more here

Flight Experience

If you dreamed of being a pilot as a kid (and let’s face it I’ve heard this mentioned so many times along with pop star and famous person!), then this is for you!  A flight simulator where you get to be the pilot.  A fabulous indoor activity and a very different experience!

Address: 355 Newcastle Street, Northbridge

Flight details can be found here

Hay Street Mall

And when in doubt, what better way for teenagers to spend time …. SHOPPING.  With plenty of shops, experiences, cafés, restaurants (and even kids activities if they are coming along), you are sure to manage to enjoy a day at the shops!.

Address: 611 Hay Street, Perth

Best things to do in Perth at night with kids

We hope we have given you plenty of ideas to spend time with your family after you have had a busy day at work.  Why not share some of your experiences with us of some of the places listed, or some new ones that you have trialled in the local area – family and friend time is always an important part of life and hopefully these ideas will fit in with your lifestyle in a fun and fulfilling way!

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