Northern Territory School Terms Dates

When are the NT school terms dates and when are the NT school hholidays? Don’t get caught off guard this year with a sudden school-free day. Instead, be prepared and get a list of the 2020 school holiday dates – including public holidays and student free days. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress down the line and will have more time to prepare some exciting activities for the kids on their school holidays.

Whether you’re planning a family vacation for the school holidays NT dates or just want to know when the kids will be at school during the term time – this list will clear things up by providing the NT school holiday dates for both 2020 and 2021.

Why Do State Schools And Private Schools Have Different Holidays?

When it comes to school holidays, state and private schools typically have a different set of school holidays NT – especially over the summer months.

The NT Government sets the dates for all public schools in the Northern Territory, focused on making each of the 4 terms as even as possible – spanning over roughly 10 weeks each. Though, sometimes this isn’t possible, particularly due to where the Easter holidays fall on the calendar.

The process is slightly different for private schools, as these independent and Catholic schools only base their school holidays around public school holiday dates. Between private schools, these dates can also differ as they are run individually.

As the school year kicks off in 2020, remember to research an independent or Catholic school’s school holiday dates just to be safe.

State School Term Dates NT

Below is an up to date list of the school term dates for the Northern Territory for the current and upcoming years.

Northern Territory School Holidays Dates 2020

Summer school holiday dates:

16 December (Monday) – 24 January (Friday)

Easter school holiday dates:

14 April (Tuesday) – 17 April (Friday)

Winter school holiday dates:

29 June (Monday) – 17 July (Friday)

Spring school holiday dates:

28 September (Monday) – 9 October (Friday)

Summer school holiday dates:

21 December (Monday) – 29 January (Friday)

Northern Territory State School Holidays 2021

Summer school holiday dates:

21 December (Monday) – 29 January (Friday)

Easter school holiday dates:

19 April (Monday) – 23 April (Friday)

Winter school holiday dates:

5 July (Monday) – 23 July (Friday)

Spring school holiday dates:

4 October (Monday) – 15 October (Friday)

Summer school holiday dates:

20 December (Monday) – 28 January (Friday)

Private Schools (Catholic and Independent Schools Holidays)

The main difference between a private school and a state school is that private schools are independently run. Independent or catholic schools aren’t managed by state or national governments and are privately funded – which can influence their school holidays NT dates.

Although they’re individually managed, independent or catholic schools will set their school holiday dates based on public school holidays – with some small differences.

As most private schools are run independently, school holiday dates are bound to differ between private schools. Prior to adding any of these school holiday dates to your calendar, remember to check with your children’s private school for a set of their specific school holiday dates.

Meanwhile, here’s a list of school holidays NT dates.

Northern Territory School Holidays Dates 2020 – Private Schools

Summer school holiday dates:

13 December (Friday) – 27 January (Monday)

Easter school holiday dates:

10 April (Friday) – 19 April (Sunday)

Winter school holiday dates:

27 June (Saturday) – 20 July (Monday)

Spring school holiday dates:

26 September (Saturday) – 11 October (Sunday)

Summer school holiday dates:

19 December (Saturday) – 31 January (Sunday)

NT Student Free Days

Aside from school holidays NT dates, student free days also deliver kids with a day off from school. Instead of being caught by surprise with a sudden school-free day, be sure to incorporate school free dates into your school holiday calendar.

What are school-free days? School free days are orchestrated for staff professional development. On these designated dates, teachers and staff members attend the school and cover topics such as fire training, code of conduct, and the school’s strategic direction. For parents, this means that kids are granted a school-free day.

To find out the student free day dates for 2020, consider getting in touch with your individual school for more information.

NT Public Holidays

Student free days and school holidays NT aren’t the only school-free days that should be added to your calendar – with public holidays also granting children with a day off school.

Established by Australian law, public or national holidays are created around certain holidays, events, or historic occasions. Some notable public holidays in NT include Australia Day, Easter Monday, Picnic Day, and Labour Day. These public holidays and more aren’t only non-working days for adults, but also school-free days too.

Although public holidays can often vary from state to state, here’s a list of the 2020 NT public holidays to include in your NT school holiday calendar.

Northern Territory Public Holidays 2020

  • New Year’s Day – 1 January (Wednesday)
  • Australia Day – 27 January (Monday)
  • Eight Hours Day – 9 March (Monday)
  • Good Friday – 10 April (Friday)
  • Easter Monday – 13 April (Monday)
  • Anzac Day – 25 April (Saturday)
  • Labour Day – 4 May (Monday)
  • Queen’s Birthday – 8 June (Monday)
  • Picnic Day – 3 August (Monday
  • Christmas – 25 December (Friday)
  • Boxing Day – 28 December (Monday)

With this assortment of school holiday dates, public holidays, and student free days on your NT school holidays calendar, you won’t need to worry about when the next school-free day is. Not to mention, by taking the time to organise these dates, you’ll have more time on your hands to organise some exciting activities to keep the kids entertained over the school holidays.