School Holiday Activities in Townsville for Summer 2023

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Buckle up and sit tight for out of this world school holiday activities in Townsville this December & January 2024! Sprinkle your summer with school holiday activities in Townsville.

Are you on a hunt for school holiday ideas that are all about kids’ school holiday activities for your family? With countless things to do in school holidays in Townsville, you get spoiled for choice with school holiday fun.

Here’s a compilation of the greatest and most impressive December & January 2024 school holiday activities all found in the city of Townsville!

Below you will find our complete guide to the best school holiday activities in Townsville over the summer school holidays to help make your life so much easier!

State schools finish on Friday 21 June and return to class on Monday 8 July 2024.

Winter school holidays in Queensland are Saturday 22 June to Sunday 7 July 2024.

Fun things to do for the Townsville school holidays

We have broken our list of Townsville school holiday activities into sections to help you:

As with everything at the moment, please check with the venue directly (either by their website or social media pages) to ensure they are open during the times you wish to attend. You should also check their current policy around advanced bookings, entry requirements and timings.

10 fun free school holiday activities

Let the kids roam free without a fee! Yes, you heard us right. Nothing spent and in turn you get a day of nature’s best playground for you and your kids. Busk in the sun

Riverway Lagoons & Skatepark

Prepare for a rich experience for zero dollars! Gather everyone for a day of outdoor activities in Townsville here at Riverway Park. Surrounding the park, you can find an All-Abilities Playground, a skate park for the cheeky cyclists and daredevils and a completely free outdoor swimming pool. Hungry? Visit nearby cafés and markets. A must visit when at Townsville.

Click here for more info.

Wadda Mooli Park

Wadda Mooli, which means Welcome, invites you to share and enjoy Townsville family attractions regardless of who you are. Creatively and carefully created, this playground encourages active involvement and community engagement through the beautiful features which include a basketball hoop, picnic areas, 10 metres high tree house with a slide, various obstacles and interactive play elements.

See the park in video here! 

Mount Stuart Lookout

If you’re up for a challenge, take a trail walk and hike up Mount Stuart to fully inhale the breathtaking sight of Townsville as a whole and at its best. Take up the challenge and give yourself a pat on the back after reaching the peak. Rest, relax and absorb the views while on the peak.

For trail details, click here. 

Birdwing Park

Every parent loves an infinite slide, a sky-high climbing tower, an outdoor gym and an overwhelming amount of playground facilities for their high-energy, happy and healthy child! Welcome summer with cheer and make sure to swing by to Birdwing Park for an unforgettable recreational day out. 

Army Museum North Queensland

Townsville was a war-heavy hub for Australian military units. Much effort and action are taken to preserve the history of Australian Army and develop the museum’s collections, memorial purpose and educational initiative. The full collection is divided into three cool galleries with its own category.

Browse their website for all you need to know about this spectacular museum.

Castle Hill Lookout

Get your cameras ready and sharpen those photography skills when you’re at the Castle Hill Lookout. More than 2500 visitations a day proves that this is a must visit spot for both tourists and locals!

Read about its history and get directions on this website.

Anderson Park Botanic Gardens

In Townsville largest and most magnificent garden lies many things to do near Townsville. Take a drive up north and make your mark on all the collections in this 25-hectare wide land. Lay out a picnic mat and put on those sunnies, lie back and enjoy a snack.

For more details and park brochure, click here. 

City Libraries Townsville

When in doubt, go to the library. We cannot agree more with this statement. City Libraries is located in Townsville city central, with a wide range of resources, reading materials, programs, activities and friendly staffs. Pick a book and hunt for a cosy spot to lounge for the day, and time will pass without you even knowing.

View their opening hours here.  

The Palmetum

This botanical garden is dedicated to the family of palms. With top attractions in Townsville favourite tourist destination, you can explore hundreds of palm species from all around the world and also historical buildings.

Open all days of the week, this is the perfect opportunity to find time with the family, to put everything aside and simply spend quality time over a picnic under the trees. The fully facilitated garden also includes a café and tables for your comfort and convenience.

Keen to know more? Click here. 

Queens Garden

Established in 1870, Queens Garden has now become a local favourite to visit or hold events. Fun fact: Queens Gardens was a military base for approximately 100 000 American soldiers during World War II. How cool is that? Let your kids find their way through the maze incorporated in the gardens or take a breezy swing. Truly an educational, unique and historical gem.

Learn more about the garden here. 

10 fun cheap school holiday activities

Got change to spare and time to spend? Invest on the best things to do in Townsville with kids that are cheap as chips! Cheap thrills are always hard to say no and always the way to go.

Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe

Interact, connect, and share moments of joy, laughter and excitement with multi-level structures and play areas suitable for kids of all ages. At Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe, all can learn through play, train up their motor skills and have a good time for only approximately $10. Coffee & various snacks at the café makes for the perfect cherry on top!

View their playground here. 

Reading Cinemas

Calling all near and far, in and around Townsville for the newest shows all airing at Reading Cinemas! Choose from animated films, action, comedy or if you have the guts, horror genres from all around the world for an affordable ticket price.

Browse movies and show times on their website. 

BCC Cinemas

Catch mainstream movies or independent creations at Townsville’s very own Events Cinemas division. Musicals and plays are available too if you’re feeling up for something a little different.

Book a ticket for nothing over $20 on their website. 

Ninja Parc

Flex those muscles and stretch those limbs here with challenging obstacle courses, gymnastics features, wall-climbing facilities, and thrilling parkour areas! No need to be intimidated, all courses are safe and open for use by kids as young as 3 years old. Casual passes are from $19.95 per session or choose to add on for longer hours of play.

For more information, visit their website.

Townsville Tenpin and Fun Centre

Find kids’ activities in Townsville all here at Townsville Tenpin and Fun Centre. Sing, dance, bowl, exercise, ride and game, the one-spot entertainment centre to spend the day with the family. Loads of school holiday events are on so don’t miss out! Get your game on for a competitive game of bowling with the family or friends.

Family deals of Tenpin and Dodgem car rides for only $55! Book now! 

Billabong Sanctuary

Only 17 kilometres south of Townsville and open 9am to 4pm all days, Billabong Sanctuary lets you hug a koala, watch a bird show, feed a kangaroo or pet a snake! Enjoy of day of sunshine and crikey creatures for only $120 for a family of five! Bring your own picnic boxes or purchase delicious dishes from the shop. Extend your stay and have your day plans covered with a dip in the pool in the arvo too!

Purchase tickets on their website now! 

Dance North

Express your emotions, break your moves and jam to the tunes together with friendly professional dancers that will take you on an artistic experience to connect with your body. Explore different dance styles and let loose that are easy to learn and fun to groove to. Lift up your spirits and register for a dance class or watch a performance on their website. 

Kingpin Townsville


This place has the most fantastic kid friendly things to do in Townsville under one roof! Expect to find laser tag, escape rooms, karaoke, bowling, café, virtual reality, table tennis, and other social events all here. With so much to do, we recommend getting a Gold Bundle at a price of $30 which includes 3 activities to freely choose from. Still not enough? Just keep adding on, it’s all up to you.

Check activity availability and opening hours here. 

Kirwan Aquatic Centre

Fill your day with fun things to do in Townsville at a great price of only $3 per child and $4.50 per adult. Facilities included are swimming pools, a water park and a giant inflatable water castle. Keep your eyes wide open for fun sculptures shaped as a “mushroom” and “caterpillar” while you’re here. Shaded areas and tables available for your comfort, while lifeguards are on site to keep your child safe.

Check opening hours and family packages on their website. 

Cotters Market Townsville

Every Sunday 8am to 1pm, clear out your plans and make space for things to see and do in Townsville famous Cotters Market. Kids can hop on a train ride that rides around the market space. Enjoy live music while you feast on every possible foodie favourites made fresh on the spot. Stock up on fresh produce or treat yourself with a collector’s item. Flowers, face painting and feasts for a family who seeks for fun.

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

10 BIG days out in Townsville these school holidays

Tourism gem – Townsville has so much in store for you this summer. So hurry and gear up for these top places to visit in Townsville that are 100% fun!

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

Absolutely stunning pieces of art make up Townsville’s modern, aesthetic art gallery. Expect to see quirky masterpieces and pieces that just make sense too! Public exhibitions of all art styles are on all year round. The best thing yet? It’s free entry and includes free arts and craft workshops!

Get excited, and check opening hours here. 

Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

Founded by a group of emerging Townsville artists, this independent art gallery showcases contemporary pieces that honour the Aboriginal culture and art style. Sign your family up and unleash your inner artist with workshops, programs and educational experiences for all.

For ongoing exhibitions and programs, visit their official website. 

Reef Headquarters Aquarium

Get a glimpse of the Great Barrier Reef without actually going to the reefs. Visiting Townsville’s Reef Headquarter Aquarium is one of the top things to do in Townsville. Wave to marine animals of various kinds through the walls in front of you, and even above your head! Watch as sharks, turtles, eels, angel fishes glide through the corals and sea anemone.

Check opening times on their website before you visit. 

Townsville Boat Hire Sunset Tour

Down for a cruise on the waters and some fishing? Be your own captain and rent a boat or alternatively let professionals take the wheel and bring you on a 2-hour tour with tunes and food on the comfy flat pontoon boat. Nothing gets more Townsville than this!

Book now! 

Museum Of Tropical Queensland

Appreciate Tropical Queensland’s cultural and heritage in the four walls of this museum. Exhibitions all year round tell the story of Queensland’s history and its people, where it was and where it is now. Learn and grow with their kids’ programs or explore the collections art, artefacts, reef animals and corals, ships and science. There is so much to see at only $38 for a family bundle.

For more info, visit their website.   

Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling

Of all attractions near Townsville, you cannot miss this one! This is what you should be here for, the Great Barrier Reef adventure in full! This snorkel tour includes all diving gear, professional crew, a boat ride and not to mention, tea and lunch! Swim with friendly fishes at the one and only Magnetic Island!

Book your tour today! 

Museum of Underwater Art

Dive into the underwater world of art sculptures you could ever dream of. Jason deCaires Taylor is the mastermind behind the creations in hopes to inspire and educate on reef conversation. This museum is unlike any other, it is not in the confines of a building, but located in or above water. To view or visit, you will have to boat and dive. How interesting!

For the full experience, book a trip here.    

AquaSearch Aquarium & Magnetic Island History and Craft Centre

There is a list of attractions near Townsville’s neighbouring island – Magnetic Island. Tick off all the tourist attractions on your Townsville bucket list, including the famous Aquarium founded by Dr Richard Barley, an expert in Giant clams and Clownfish breeding. While you’re on Magnetic Island, make sure to visit other cool place like the History and craft centre and Hawkings Point lookout.

Visit the Aquarium website now! 

Jezzine Playground

Jezzine Barracks has a list of places to visit in Townsville all within walking distance. Check out the Kissing Point Fort landmark, Kennedy Regiment Plaza, Military Base, and most importantly, Jezzine playground. The playground is featured with a huge flying fox, swings, slides, and a cool geometric climbing tower.

Find it all here at Jezzine Barracks info page. 

Strand Beach, Park and Rockpool  

Strand Park is home to exciting Townsville kids’ activities. Divided by a pedestrian path, you see the wide crashing ocean on one side and the calm rock pool on the other. Alternatively, feel the adrenaline as you anticipate for The Big Bucket to overfill and spill all over you at the Strand water park. Finish off the day with a casual dinner at surrounding cafes and restaurants.

Learn more here.

5 things to do at home these school holidays

School holidays are a time for relaxation, entertainment and enjoyment. Make the most out of school-free days with these DIY at home activities that are easy to do and fun to play!

Rainbow popcorn

You’ve tasted popcorn but have you seen rainbow popcorn? Take the healthy snack to the next level dividing a large bowl of popcorn into smaller sandwich bags. Drip a few drops of food colouring in to the bags, and shake away to create a rainbow of coloured poppables to be devoured in no time. 

Set up a cubby house

Bring the kids to a local Bunnings or hardware store to get some building gear, wood boards and fairy lights. Find a space in the backyard and look online for a guide on how to build an easy cubby house. Spend all afternoon and even evening in the “clubhouse”!

Treasure hunt with real map

Dissolve a tablespoon of instant coffee with water in a baking tray and dip paper to make old looking paper. Scrunch it up and let it dry. Draw on a simple map showing your house and include treasure spots. For treasure ideas, use chocolate coins, lollipop rings, and fruit jubes.  

Make a mocktail

Mocktails aren’t just for adults. Safe to drink and fun to sip, create a holiday mocktail perfect for any weather and any child’s preference. Use your favourite cordial, soda, and even gummy bears as a topping! Alternatively, use aeroplane jelly to make it easy to suck through a fancy straw. Don’t forget the paper umbrella! 

Puff pastry party

Get store bought puff pastry from your local supermarket and use cookie cutters or kid-safe knives to create different shapes. Let their imagine run free with all sorts of possible shapes like animals, flowers, buildings, galaxy and more! Choose to poke a hole with a skewer to thread a string after it’s baked and hang it on a ceiling to be bitten off as a game. Remember to prepare plenty of sauce options for endless dipping.

Theatres with kids shows on in Townsville these school holidays

There is always room for indoor activities in Townsville anytime of the day. Kid-friendly shows are the go-to bonding activity that the whole family can enjoy together, don’t wait, book one today!


Located at the heart of Townsville, TheatreiNQ is an ensemble of theatre professional and artists coming together to produce the state-of-the-art production just for you. They have a range of shows on this December & January to suit all ages and interests.

Check out their upcoming shows on their website.

Townsville Civic Centre

Townsville Civic Centre is serving up a colourful plate of shows and performances of all variety just for you. From musicals to kids’ stories, drama, concerts, comedy and talks, there is certainly something for everyone here.

Easily book a ticket under the “Theatre & Shows” category here.

Full Throttle Theatre Company

Full Throttle has been up and running for 35 years and is still producing high-quality family friendly shows for locals, tourist and members. You can even indulge in a gastronomical experience under the stars while viewing the cosmos through telescopes. Interested?

Know more on their website.

Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre

Celebrate the best, quirky and cool shows presented by phenomenal talents from all across Australia all here at the Townsville Entertainment Centre. Grab a snack or a glass of wine from the canteen before your show to enhance your experience.

Book a ticket now on their website.

Townsville kids holiday ideas

If you’re looking for more things to do in Queensland, click here.

There you have it. A huge round up of the most excellent school holiday ideas for you over the next break. There are plenty of Townsville days out ideas here to keep you and the kids entertained for the whole school holidays. These Townsville holiday ideas are updated every term, so remember to bookmark this page.

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Let us know if we missed your favourite or if you would like us to add your venue or event!

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